5 Apps you’ll need when you’ll travel in Israel.


Are you ready for your trip to wonderful Israel?

All packed? Did you remember a bathing suit and sun block? (yes, during winter too)

Kevlar vest? (just kidding…)

Do you have your smart phone with an internet package? You can get free Wi-Fi easily at any café, restaurant, hotel and more, still having a package will be very useful for driving and walking around in the cites, there is 4G cellular internet almost everywhere except some random spots in the desert.

Here are a few apps you should install before coming to Israel.

Messaging – WhatsApp:

In Israel there is a bigger amount of Android users then IOS so Imessage is not as popular here.

Here we all use WhatsApp Messenger, for texting, sending photos and calling non Israeli numbers.

Do you need to make a free phone call to your guide?

Meet up with friends?

Set up a group of your tour members (or just the ones you like) to share all your photos from each day? WhatsApp also has a live location feature, that way you will not lose your loved ones at the Market and it’s easier to meet.


Getting a taxi – Gett:

The days of standing in the street and waving your hands to hail a taxi are over!

Install Gett and summon your Taxi to you, you can insert the destination so it will not be lost in translation with the driver.

Also in case there is problem with the charge, or in case you forget something in the taxi you know who the driver is and you have his (or hers, this is not Saudi Arabia)  phone number.

Be advised that  additional charges may be added to the final sum, such as:

Luggage,Over 3 people on a ride, Night and weekend rate.


Food – Wolt

Hungry in Tel Aviv?  Go out and get food!! This city is literally open 24/7, you can get a great meal at any time.

Too tired??  Lazy? Possibly too high to move? Use wolt to easily order take out from a huge variety of restaurants, usually in under 30 Min. The app has a timer showing you exactly how long till you get your food, you can tip through the app if you don’t have Shekels on you.


 Navigation – Waze

You probably heard that a million times: Waze was invented in Israel! We are the startup nation! Yada yada yada.

As waze is not just a navigation app but also a social network that gets its info in real time from thousands of users It’s a very accurate way to navigate and know your real time of arrival.


Like a prayer? – Holy land CIC

Are you Christian?  Would you like to visit one of the many churches in Israel? Maybe even attend mass in the holiest country in the world?

Well, some churches close around  lunch time , some are open very early or late (which is great to beat the crowds during peak season)  don’t show up when the place is packed! Or closed! L

This App gives you locations, times and languages of services all around Israel.



I hope you find this post useful, Please feel free to contact me for great private tours of my beloved country  or help with planning your own self guided tour in wonderful Israel.