3 days tours


Availablilty: Year round

DAY 1 – Jerusalem, old city

We will tour the holiest city in the world, and find out why it is considered the No.1 sacred site for Judaism and Christianity, and 3rd holiest site for Muslims.

We will visit the western wall (Wailing Wall) upon which the Jewish temple was build at the 1st century B.C . We will walk through the Via Dolorosa and visit the church of holy sepulchre (burial place of Jesus Christ), view or visit temple mount, enjoy the local stories, legends,  vibrant bazaars , spices and local food.

Optional: add the Mount of olives or Scopus mountain for a spectacular viewpoint of the old city

more sites we can add (with an entrance fee): the Tower of David museum and viewpoint.  The city of David  – A walk in an old water tunnel (great for kids).  The southern wall excavations site  and the western wall underground tunnel tour.

DAY 2 – A day at the Dead sea

Visit and tour the mountain of Masada – a fortress in the desert, dating back to the 1st century where king Harrods built his palace and where the rebels fought the roman empire.
we will go up by cable car (or an early morning  sunrise hike) and explore the mountain.

Then we will head to the the Dead sea for some relaxed floating in the lowest sea on earth.

Enjoy applying the nutritious mud onto your body and feel 10 years younger!

Optional hike at the Ein Gedi oasis (on warm days you can sit under fresh water waterfalls)

We might spot some wild Ibex around the springs.

More Options:

Visit Kumeran – the caves in which the “Dead sea scrolls” were found.
Visit  AHAVA – Dead sea products factory and factory store, AHAVA are known worldwide for their cosmetics and health care products containing  dead sea minerals.

DAY 3 – Tel Aviv and Jaffa

“The white city” , “The city that never sleeps” , “Startup nation” – All these are different names for Tel Aviv.

We will walk or cycle around the first Hebrew city dating back to 1909, today the most modern and advanced city in the Middle East.

We will explore old neighbourhoods and hear about the founding of tel-aviv. Then follow the timeline to today’s modern city, see all the vibrant cafes, restaurants, food markets, And Bauhaus buildings.  Walk through Rothschild  boulevard , Rabin square and the city hall. we’ll enjoy people watching  and much more as time permits…

* These suggestions are flexible,  we can add more or choose other sites and locations to your tour based on your own interests and wish list

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