The Galilee hills and the sea of Galilee

Visit the beautiful sea of Galilee (Lake Kineret) – Israel’s only fresh water lake.  The sea of galilee is very famous in Christianity, here Jesus Christ met his disciples and preformed several miracles, such as walking on water. We will visit “Capernaum” (and see the house of st. peter), we will go up to the Mount of Beatitude (where Jesus gave the sermon on the mount) ,we will also visit the baptism site at the Jordan river and more.

It’s a also a great lake for a swimming stop.

Visit Zefad- a small spiritual town high up on the mountains.  Zefad was the birth place place for kabbalah – method, discipline, and school in Judaism which explores the Mystic elements of the Torah (the jewish bible). We will visit the artist colony and meet the very friendly local artists, some of them create their art in the spirit of Kabbalah

Hula Valley, walk/cycle around a beautiful lake in the middle of  Hula Valley and see some of Isarel’s northern wildlife.