The Golan heights

We will visit the northern part of Israel, known as the Toscana of Israel.

Start the morning with a short 40 minute hike at the “Banias” waterfall,
including a great walk on a suspended bridge above the Banias strem.
Visit Nimrod fortress – an impressive 12th century fortress, that protected the country from northern attacks.
Local lunch in a Druz village.
Visit Mount “Bental” – an old volcano overlooking the Syrian border. Where we will be less then a mile from the Israeli Syrian border (in a very safe spot) on top of an old Israeli army bunker from 1967. You’ll have an option to Hike down from the mountain (40 minutes)

Additional options:
Longer hikes ( 1,2,6 hours)
ATV/Jeep ride to an old Syrian base by the border.
Visit and taste local wine at one of the boutique wineries and on the Golan
Visit a local chocolate workshop where you make your own chocolate (great for kids)