The Dead sea and Masada

Visit and tour the mountain of Masada – a fortress in the desert, dating back to the 1st century
where king Harrods built his palace and where the rebels fought the roman empire.
we will go up by cable car (or an early morning  sunrise hike) and explore the mountain.

Then head to the the dead sea for some relaxed floating in the lowest sea on earth.

Enjoy putting the nutritious mud on your body and feel 10 years younger!

Optional hike at the Ein Gedi oasis (on warm days you can sit under fresh water waterfalls)

We might spot some wild Ibex around the springs.

More Options:

Visit Kumeran – the caves in which the “Dead sea scrolls” were found.
Visit  AHAVA – dead sea products factory and factory store, AHAVA are known worldwide for their cosmetics and health care products containing  dead sea minerals.