One day in Israel

You made it to Israel! Hooray!
But, you’re here for work and you only have one free day to tour.
Where will you go?

Here are some options:
The “classic” – Old Jerusalem.
The Old City of Jerusalem is actually less than one square Kilometer and you can walk through it in
under two hours, but to really understand it you’ll need 3 days, every stone there has a story, some
even more than one story for the same stone (Hello temple mount)
Take a guide to truly experience and understand the holiest city in the world.
Visit the holy sites for the three religions, visit the Western Wall the most important site for Judaism
for the last 200 years, walk the Via Dolorosa as Jesus did 2000 years ago and see where he was
buried, go up to temple mount to view the Golden Dome, the oldest Muslim building in the world.
Enjoy great fresh local food and fun bazar shopping and haggling.
This will easily take you 6-7 hours.
Driving time from Tel Aviv to the old city is around 1 ½ hours depending on traffic.

“How low can you go” – The dead Sea
The Dead Sea is not only the lowest place in the world, it’s a beautiful body of water in the desert,
surrounded by a majestic ridge and beautiful wild life (if you’re lucky to spot them)
Grab a bathing suit and flip flops (at any season) and head down to the dead sea, can’t swim? No
problem! enjoy the amazing floating expectance at the beaches, put the nutritious mud all over
yourself for some natural skin treatment.
You can combine this with a short beautiful hike at the Ein Gedi waterfall oasis, try to spot the local
For some great history visit the 2000 years old fortress of Masada on top of Masada mountain, take
the cable car up and explore the ruins with your guide.
This is a full day tour.
Driving time from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea is around 2 hours depending on traffic.

“I want to see both!!” – Half day Dead sea + Half day Jerusalem.
Start the morning with a visit and a dip at the Dead Sea and head up to Jerusalem for lunch and a
shorter tour of the “must see” sites.

“I heard that Tel Aviv is the best city in the world” – Tel Aviv and old Jaffa.
Spend a day in the most modern city in the middle east, see the urban, young, trendy, artsy,
business orientated, foody side of Israel, just walk the streets with your guide and hear about how
Tel Aviv changed form a small town to the beating hear of modern Israel in under a century, enjoy
great food options all around you.

Bonus, start your day at Old Jaffa, one of the oldest cities in the world (3000 years older than
Jerusalem) with it’s legends and stories and a vibrant flea market.
This tour can take from 2 to 6 hours, depends on you. (it’s great as a half day as well if you don’t
have a full day for touring)